Why Is That This A Very Good System?

The TON “primer” white paper (archive) says the ICO funds will likely be used for “the improvement of Telegram and TON and for the continuing bills required to assist the expansion of the ecosystem.” That is, they’ll use the money to pay Telegram’s regular bills – and https://gusevblog.ru/ in addition, develop some blockchainy thing.

– Change into a Validator

Turning into a TON community validator requires entry to high-efficiency hardware on a highly out there network, as well as access to a big diploma of Toncoin as a stake. Validators stake Toncoin for a set particular term, and the stake is refunded with curiosity after the completion of a validation spherical. Open-supply software program is offered for people who wish to turn into validators.

Will it cause the price of ether to go up?Ether is down about 56% since the beginning of the 12 months, and plenty of are hoping the Merge will revive its worth. This has been a hotly debated matter within crypto circles in current months, and nobody knows for sure what the Merge will do the ether’s price.

Apparently sufficient, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov mentioned in a message posted in December 2021 that he wished success for Toncoin and that he was pleased to see that other developers are persevering with the work that Telegram began. Despite Durov apparently being a fan of the venture, we should always make clear that Toncoin is being developed independently from Telegram.

Proper now, Aave is earning simply shy of $1M per day in income with a majority of that going to lenders. Meanwhile, Compound has taken a latest dip, probably as borrowers migrate to Aave for its liquidity mining program, because the curiosity charge protocol generates $550K per day for LPs.