Junk Patrol- Junk Elimination & Hauling

Junk Patrol- Junk Removing & Hauling is positioned at 2745 First St Ste 1706 , Fort Myers, FL 33916. To contact Junk Patrol- Junk Removing & Hauling, call (239) 895-9016, or view more info below. Searching for more places in Fort Myers, FL? Scroll down to see a list of waste areas and handlers in the direction of the underside of this page.

Services Provided

Remember the fact that these costs are simply the company’s common charges, and your actual value will rely on elements like the place you’re, accepting dogecoin payment what time of year it is, and how far forward you ebook your appointment. Particular items like bikes and old refrigerators may also cost more to dispose of because of native disposal fees and gas prices.

The fee to dump at a landfill is often round $50 should you do it your self. When you hire an expert, expect to spend $70 to $a hundred and fifty on a mean size load. Large gadgets are surcharged as a result of extra weight. These items may require two workers to haul away to a landfill or one other specified location:

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