Are We Drilling For Oil Within The U.S.?

The new federal regulations require that each oil rig have its own ROV, and crew members educated to operate it, to allow them to rush into motion immediately in an emergency. Moreover, the feds now require BOPs to be equipped in order that, within the event they fail to work, an ROV can take over and use its shear rams to shut off the pipe. To be sure that the robotic craft can work the BOP, the federal government is requiring extra intensive testing of the machines, together with having the ROV dive and operate shear rams at the sea bottom.

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If you have shopped at a physical store, you know it may be frustrating to pick a product that is on display, and then have to attend while a salesperson searches for it among the many stacks of boxes within the stockroom. E-commerce warehouses attempt to keep away from that logjam – and velocity up deliveries – by having acutely accurate inventory info, Dai says.

In fact, obsolescence is a reality of life. Innumerable issues have disappeared over the centuries as people continue to evolve and advance. A fast glance on the final century reveals the demise of the horse and buggy, milkmen, celebration-line operators, cassette tape recorders, typewriters and dial-up internet, simply to call just a few.